SH Spraylet

General Details
The Type SH Spraylet™ nozzle is manufactured by HAHN Industries, a Division of Steinen.  In wide use throughout the coal mines of North America, these nozzles are direct replacements for equivalent Spraying Systems type BD WhirlJet® nozzles (WhirlJet® is a registered trademark of the Spraying Systems Co).

The Steinen-Hahn SH nozzle is a hollow cone type that has the advantage of a vortex being created inside the nozzle that is created as a result of incoming liquid introduced at 90º.  As the liquid leaves the nozzle, the liquid is uniformly atomized and a distinct hollow cone pattern is achieved. The Steinen-Hahn SH nozzle is non-clogging because it does not contain any cores or internal vanes.

The Spraylet™ hollow cone nozzle:

  • Body style allows for spray to exit the nozzle parallel to the pipe thread for a ‘direct on’ spray
  • Flow rates from 0.20 gallons per minute (GPM) up to 2.0 GPM (.75 liters/minute to 7.6 LPM)
  • Spray angles from 25˚ to 95˚
  • Typical operating pressures from 10 PSI to 100 PSI (.7 BAR to 7 BAR)
  • Constructed in brass
  • Available in 3/8 inch pipe thread (other thread sizes and types available upon request)
Technical Data Sheets
SH Spraylet Technical Data Sheets – PDF downloads:

Product Models Data Sheet
SH Spraylet Type SH Download Data Sheet (PDF)