Mist Cooling Sprays

General Details
Mist cooling nozzles, spray misters, mist sprays, water mist nozzles – whatever you call them, Steinen makes high performance versions of these common nozzles. What makes Steinen mist cooling sprays different?

  • Highest quality spray nozzle made from high grade stainless steel, not plated brass
  • Steinen nozzles withstand a variety of harsh liquids, including high temperature water (up to 350˚F)
  • Wider spray angle for better spray distribution; consistent micro droplet size; and a uniform spray pattern
  • All nozzles come with an integrated filter to minimize clogging and maximize nozzle life

Steinen is the leading designer and manufacturer of misting nozzles in the world. The quality and precision of our misting nozzles cannot be matched by any other nozzle manufacturer. What sets Steinen apart is our ability to produce nozzles that can create a finely atomized spray with uniform droplet size, consistent spray angles, and at lower pressures than other manufacturer’s nozzles. The result is a nozzle that offers the highest performance in a wide variety of settings and applications. Steinen offers mist cooling nozzles in two styles:

Steinen’s NEW SlimPRO™ (Type MC) – the Ultimate misting nozzle:

  • Incorporates the time tested, high performance nozzle spray tip – without the bulky ‘wrench hex’ exterior
  • Available in the popular .008”, .012”, .016” and .020 sizes with 10/24 UNC thread (most widely used mist nozzles for misting systems)
  • Nozzle is 100% high grade 303 stainless steel for the longest life and corrosion resistance. Nickel plated brass nozzles look good on the outside, but it’s the inside where the spray is formed that counts – demand the best!
  • Incredibly long internal porous bronze filter handles the toughest water conditions
  • High performance spray and huge filter outlasts & outperforms other misting nozzles
  • Mists from water pressure as low as 40 PSI and can handle high pressures up to 500 PSI
  • Nozzle installation and filter replacement without any tools – everything is “finger tight”

Steinen’s Mini Mist (Type MN) – the traditional favorite for most misting applications:

  • Miniature sized nozzle tip, with removable internal components and 200 mesh filter with a 1/8 inch NPT male thread
  • Available in a wide variety of flow rates from .50 gallons per hour (GPH) up to 5.0 GPH
  • Nozzle is 100% high grade 303 stainless steel for the longest life and corrosion resistance.
  • Three different spray angles to choose from – 70˚, 80˚ and 90˚
Technical Data Sheets
Mist Cooling Technical Data Sheets – PDF downloads:

Product Models Data Sheet
Mist Cooling Spray Type MC Download Data Sheet (PDF)
Mist Cooling Spray Type MN Download Data Sheet (PDF)


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