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General Details
DRENCH W/CAP Nozzle has a blow-off protective cap.  The nozzle sprays 10 gallons of water per minute (at 40 psi) in a wide angle (180º) spray and is generally used for flooding an area with water.

  • The DRENCH W/CAP nozzle is Steinen Part # 361-12266.
  • The protective cap is designed to blow-off between 2 – 5 psi water pressure.
  • This is a high flow nozzle with large water droplet sizes for flooding of a wide area.

Mining Nozzle Adapters, converts 3/8” male thread nozzles to either 3/4”, 1–1/16” or 1–1/4” outside thread for retro-fit into larger opening installations.  Allows the use of a wide variety of 3/8” male threaded nozzles to be used.

Misting Nozzles for dust particle capture and cooling. Steinen mist nozzles are:

  • Highest quality spray nozzle made from high grade stainless steel, not plated brass
  • Steinen nozzles withstand a variety of harsh liquids, including high temperature water (up to 350˚F)
  • Wider spray angle for better spray distribution; consistent micro droplet size; and a uniform spray pattern
  • All nozzles come with an integrated filter to minimize clogging and maximize nozzle life
Technical Data Sheets
Other Mining Data Sheets – PDF downloads:

Product Models Data Sheet
Other Mining Type A, AF & AM Download Data Sheet (PDF)
Other Mining Type SH Download Data Sheet (PDF)
Other Mining Type 361 Download Data Sheet (PDF)
Other Mining Type 361 C Download Data Sheet (PDF)