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Nozzle Production

Micro-Flo® Nozzles
Flow Rates
.20-.35 GPH

Twin Filter Nozzles
Flow Rates
.40-.55 GPH

Standard Nozzles
Flow Rates
.60-28 GPH

Micro-Flo®, Twin Filter & Standard Oil Burner Nozzles

Steinen manufactures oil burner nozzles and accessories, industrial nozzles and mining industry nozzles. Our products have demonstrated a worldwide reputation for quality, performance and reliability. They are sold domestically and internationally through a company sales organization, independent sales representatives and distributors.

Steinen’s worldwide reputation for quality and reliability is a direct result of our 100% devotion to producing the best oil burner nozzle on the market. Today, virtually every major burner manufacturer relies on Steinen nozzles to achieve optimum burner performance.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are available to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements. As one of the few nozzle manufacturers who fabricate all components on-site, Steinen completely controls every aspect of nozzle fabrication, ensuring the consistent quality and reliability that make Steinen the number one choice. Every Steinen nozzle is performance tested for flow capacity, spray characteristics and spray angle before leaving our factory. This assures our customers the quality, performance and consistency they have come to expect from Steinen nozzles.

With one of the largest sales and service organizations in the industry and office locations throughout the world, Steinen continues to provide its customers with the products they need to compete in a global market.

Steinen Dyna-Coin® Process is a trademark of the Wm. Steinen Mfg. Co. The Dyna-Coin® Process provides a high quality finish for a perfect seating surface between the metering valve and the nozzle body, thus assuring consistent, accurate fuel delivery.