Nozzle Types

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Micro-Flo® Nozzles
Flow Rates
.20-.35 GPH

Twin Filter Nozzles
Flow Rates
.40-.55 GPH

Standard Nozzles
Flow Rates
.60-28 GPH

Steinen has the technical and engineering expertise to produce ultra-low flow Micro-Flo™ nozzles:

  • The Micro-Flo™ nozzles were developed with the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency burners.
  • All Micro-Flo™ nozzles contain super-fine twin filters – standard.
  • Micro-Flo™ nozzles are 100% factory tested to ensure perfect performance.
  • Micro-Flo™ nozzles reduce NOx emissions; produce a quiet, soft and short flame; and reduce oil consumption.

The Twin-Filter Nozzle’s advanced design allows the interior of the nozzle to stay clean longer:

  • Increased total filtering capacity by 62%
  • Inner filter nominal filtration rate of 25 microns
  • Anti-clog design stays cleaner longer insuring longer nozzle life
  • 100% electronic and visual testing
  • Trouble free operation thanks to stainless steel construction

Steinen’s Standard Oil Burner Nozzle’s are available in a wide variety of designs to suit any burner application:

  • Solid Cone (Type S and SS) nozzles from .60 – 28 G.P.H.
  • Hollow Cone (Type H) nozzles from .60 – 2.25 G.P.H.
  • Partial Hollow (Type PH) nozzles from .60 – 10.0 G.P.H.
  • Unique Solid/Hollow (Type Q) nozzles from .60 – 3.0 G.P.H.
  • 100% electronic and visual testing with filter