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Industrial Spray Nozzles
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Our state-of-the-art facilities are available to meet our customers' most demanding requirements. As one of the few nozzle manufacturers who fabricate all components on-site, Steinen completely controls every aspect of nozzle fabrication, ensuring the consistent high quality spray nozzles that make Steinen the number one choice. Steinen nozzles are performance tested for flow capacity, spray characteristics and spray angle before leaving our factory. This assures our customers the quality, performance and consistency they have come to expect from Steinen nozzles.

Steinen specializes in stainless steel spray nozzles for all types of industrial applications. Our stainless steel spray nozzles provide long life in harsh environments. We also design and manufacture a wide variety of brass spray nozzles. All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Nozzles by Spray Type Specific Application Nozzles
MIST-JET® Misting HAHN® Mining
MIST-JET® Anti-Drip Misting Mosquito Spray
FAN-JET® Flat-Spray Accessories
FLO-JET® Flat-Spray Wide Angle In-Line Strainers
SOLID-JET® & TAN-JET Solid Cone Ball Valves
SOLID-JET® Solid Cone Wide Angle  
TAN-JET® & Spraylet Hollow Cone Information & Reference
TAN-JET Hollow Cone Wide Angle Nozzle Flow & Angle Calculator
SQUARE-JET™ Square Spray Nozzle Catalog
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